How it Works

After you order your devices, you will be provided an web form to update a 40 character message along with a secured (https) link. The messages and links can be updated whenever you like and after a short time the messages are made available from your device(s).

You can carry a device with you, place it within your place of business, and even have family members or friends carry them as well.

The devices push out a notification to the android devices within a 100 yard radius (the length of a football field). The notifications do not ding or ring your phone and complies with FCC regulations – no fear of violating spam regulations.

You can be promoting your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, while you continue to promote your business by any other means you choose to use. This technology provides a new capability to small and medium sized businesses who couldn’t afford to create mobile applications that many of your customers might not have downloaded. These devices do not require any mobile applications to function – this is a game changer!